The Rita Hauser Annual Event

Organized Crime in the Western Hemisphere: An Overlooked Threat?

About the Symposium

Illicit transnational flows of goods, money, information, and people increasingly dominate U.S. relations in the Western hemisphere. The limits of regional and global policy cooperation and coordination have worked to the advantage of organized criminal syndicates. Displaying great resourcefulness, trafficking organizations exploit the policy divide over how best to define and conduct counter-drug and other crime strategies. They also benefit from the weakness of public safety and security mandates within existing multilateral and regional organizations. The challenge for the international community and Western Hemisphere nations in particular, is to build on initial areas of cooperation, finding new ways and new regional mechanisms to reduce the harm that these violent organizations reap on populations across the region.

This symposium is in collaboration with the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and directed by Shannon O’Neil

This symposium is supported by a grant from the Robina Foundation, the Hauser Foundation, and the Tinker Foundation.