Women, Peace, and Security in an Era of Conflict

Project Expert

Catherine Powell
Catherine Powell

Adjunct Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

About the Project

Women in conflict zones not only disproportionately bear the brunt of war, they are also systematically underrepresented in efforts to resolve conflict and rebuild peace. Yet research demonstrates that women's involvement—through positions in politics, peacemaking, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, the military, law enforcement, and rule of law institutions—is vital, not only to advancing gender equality, but also to building stronger and more sustainable peace and security in post-conflict states. With 2015 marking the fifteen year anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325—the first on women, peace, and security—the Project on Women, Peace, and Security in an Era of Conflict looks to identify ways to empower women in peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts. The project builds on my past work on Women and Girls in the Afghanistan Transition, and examines the new challenges to the women, peace, and security through speaking engagements, meetings of the Women and Foreign Policy roundtable seriesWomen Around the World blog posts, and other writings.