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April 11, 2005

United States
Skating on incredibly thin ice

Altogether, the circumstances seem to be as dangerous and intractable as any I can remember, and I can remember quite a lot. What really concerns me is that there seems to be so little willingness o…

June 22, 2005

Capital Flows
The joys of being a creditor nation

China is on track to add between $250 and $300 billion to its reserves this year. That is a lot of money. Enough to have an impact on global bond markets. Enough to buy several oil companies. As…

February 1, 2005

If a Kansan is going to run the World Bank

Please pick Kassebaum-Baker rather than Brownback. Kassebaum is sort of like the Christine Todd Whitman of Kansas politics; Brownback is more the Rick Santorum. I suspect that Brownback won’t get t…

January 22, 2006

Emerging Markets
Too many currencies? Or too many dollar pegs?

The world has too many currencies.   The dollar is too good a currency not to be shared.    The US has a clear comparative advantage in central banking.   National pride - and a desire to maintain "m…

November 1, 2006

Financial Markets
The club of puzzled dollar bears grows bigger

I am – and probably always will be – a big Robert Rubin fan.  In my view, 100 bills with Rubin's signature should trade at a premium, not a discount.But Rubin doens seem to be as good a currency …

October 11, 2006

Financial Markets
The FX market doesn’t think the US should adjust … at least not right now.

The dollar has been rather strong relative to the yen for some time now.  And it is currently getting even stronger.  The dollar was weak against the euro at 1.28 – and at say 1.25, it is still prett…


December 23, 2007

Capital Flows
A Saudi investment authority?

The FT broke a major story -- at least in my world -- late on Friday. The Saudis are about to set up a sovereign wealth fund: Saudi Arabia plans to establish a sovereign wealth fund that is expecte…

February 26, 2008

Capital Flows
Regulating sovereign wealth funds: does the US have any leverage?

Bob Davis’ Wall Street Journal article - which reports that the US Treasury is pushing Singapore and Abu Dhabi to increase their transparency and to signal that their funds will be managed commercial…


February 21, 2008

Politics and Government
What do the US, Saudi Arabia and China have in common?

What does the US have in common with two of its most important creditors? One answer: all have a significant population worried about how to make ends meet right now. China exports a ton of g…

April 6, 2008

Financial Markets
Just how much money do sovereign wealth funds have?

A ton, according to Morgan Stanley’s Stephen Jen and a host of Wall Street investment banks Not all that much, according to Milken Institute’s Christopher Balding (as reported by Bob Davis in the Wa…