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July 10, 2014

United States
This Week: Israel and Hamas Fight while Baghdad and Kurdistan Argue

Significant Developments Israel-Palestine. Israel entered its third day of Operation Protective Edge today as rockets rained down on many parts of Israel. More than fifteen rockets were fired into T…

An Iron Dome launcher fires an interceptor rocket in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod July 8, 2014 (Ratner/Courtesy Reuters).

June 12, 2014

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This Week: Iraq’s Crisis, Syria’s Gloating, and Israeli-Palestinian Prayers

Significant Developments Iraq. Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki called on parliament today to impose a state of emergency in Iraq, but then failed to convene a quorum needed to approve it. Maliki’s mo…

A burnt vehicle belonging to Iraqi security forces is pictured at a checkpoint in east Mosul, one day after radical Sunni Muslim insurgents seized control of the city, June 11, 2014 (Courtesy Reuters).

January 23, 2014

This Week: Syria II Launched, Iran Sanctions Eased, and Turkey’s Judiciary Purged

Significant Developments Syria. UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi met separately today with delegations from Syria’s government and opposition today to prepare for face-to-face talks slated for tomorrow. The…

Senior Syrian opposition member Haitham al-Maleh sits alone during the second session of the Geneva-2 peace conference in Montreux January 22, 2014 (Saidi/Courtesy Reuters).

February 13, 2014

This Week: Syria’s Machinations, Egypt’s Presidency, and Iran’s Bravado

Significant Developments Syria. Russia today presented a draft resolution on Syrian humanitarian aid access that includes a condemnation of “terrorism” to the UN Security Council. Yesterday, Russian…

Syria's UN ambassador Bashar Ja'afari (R) talks with Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin before members of the United Nations Security Council take part in a vote on a resolution eradicating Syria's chemical arsenal during a Security Council meeting during the 68th United Nations General Assembly in New York September 27, 2013 (Bedford/Courtesy Reuters).

January 30, 2014

United States
This Week: Syria’s Negotiations, Egypt’s Entrenchment, and Iran’s Inspections

Significant Developments Syria. The first ever talks between the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime continue in Switzerland, with the Syrian government hinting yesterday it may be willing to acc…

U.N.-Arab League envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi addresses a news conference at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva January 27, 2014 (Balibouse/Courtesy Reuters).

April 11, 2013

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Middle East Matters This Week: Egypt, Syria, and Iran

Significant Developments Egypt. An Egyptian Coptic Christian died today from injuries sustained during sectarian violence over the past week, bringing the total number of deaths to eight. Violence e…

Coptic Christians run inside the main cathedral in Cairo as police fire tear gas and Muslims throw rocks and firebombs April 7, 2013 (Waguih/Courtesy Reuters)..

March 3, 2013

Regional Voices: Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel and Turkey

“Friday has become a day of self-imposed imprisonment.” – Riham Ibrahim, Egyptian housewife “Presenting money and weapons to al Qaeda (in Syria) by Qatar and Turkey is a declaration of armed action …

An Egyptian woman holds her son during a demonstration at Tahrir square in Cairo (Salem/Courtesy Reuters).

June 4, 2013

Enhancing the Obama Administration’s Drone Strikes Transparency

Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama gave a wide-ranging speech on U.S. counterterrorism policies. The result has been significant confusion regarding targeted killings, because what was reported in…

February 7, 2013

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Middle East Matters This Week: Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and More

Significant Developments Tunisia. Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party Ennahda rejected its own prime minister’s proposal today to form a new government of technocrats following the assassination yesterd…

A man cries next to a poster with an image of Chokri Belaid, a prominent Tunisian opposition politician who was shot dead, in Tunis February 7, 2013 (Souissi/Courtesy Reuters).

January 4, 2013

Voices From the Region: Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Yemen

“The Iraqi spring is coming.” – Moqtada al-Sadr, an Iraqi Shiite leader, expressed support for further demonstrations against Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki in a speech in Najaf on Tuesday “The…

Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Sadr takes part in Friday prayers participated by Sunni and Shi'ite Muslim worshippers in a gesture of unity at the Abdul Qadir Gilani Mosque in Baghdad on January 4, 2012 (Al-Sudani/Courtesy Reuters).