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July 18, 2016

Politics and Government
Nelson Mandela Day Nelson Mandela Day

Africa in Transition usually runs an update of the Nigeria Security Tracker on Mondays. However, July 18 is Nelson Mandela Day, so the Tracker update will appear on Tuesday, July 19. Nelson Mandela …

January 8, 2014

South Africa
Nelson Mandela's Legacy

John Campbell leads a conversation on Nelson Mandela's legacy, as part of CFR's Religion and Foreign Policy Conference Call series.

December 10, 2013

Former South African President Nelson Mandela (L) raises the hand of the new President, Thabo Mbeki after he took the oath of office at the Union Buildings in Pretoria June 16. Nelson Mandela and Capitalism

Andrew Ross Sorkin addresses Nelson Mandela’s transformation from a socialist to a capitalist in the December 10 New York Times. Like other African liberation movements, the African National Congress…

December 16, 2013

People wait in a bus line to pay their respects to former South African President Nelson Mandela in Pretoria December 13, 2013. Nelson Mandela: A Communist?

Bill Keller’s recent New York Times article entitled "Nelson Mandela, Communist" appeared on December 8. Based on research undertaken by the British historian Stephen Ellis in 2011, Keller accepts El…

December 9, 2013

Sub-Saharan Africa
Wenceslous Nicholas, age four, lights a candle in front of the statue of former South African President Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square in central London December 8, 2013. The Apotheosis of Nelson Mandela

For many, Nelson Mandela is no longer so much an historical figure as a legend. Even his portraits in the media are now idealized, neither the image of the young radical nor of the elderly statesman…

December 6, 2013

Sub-Saharan Africa
President Nelson Mandela will celebrate his 80th birthday on July 18. Nelson Mandela and American Hopes

In an Expert’s Brief I published yesterday, I reflected on Nelson Mandela’s achievements as the father of the democratic, non-racial South Africa that replaced the odious and repressive apartheid sta…

September 5, 2013

Sub-Saharan Africa
A get-well message is seen on a brick outside former South African president Nelson Mandela's garden in Houghton, Johannesburg August 31, 2013. Nelson Mandela Returns Home from Hospital

On September 1, Nelson Mandela was released from the hospital after an eighty-nine day stay and returned to his Johannesburg house. According to the presidency, Mandela’s condition “remains critical …

February 7, 2012

South Africa
Lessons Learned: Nelson Mandela’s Release from Prison

CFR’s James M. Lindsay discusses Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in February 1990 and his subsequent rise to the presidency to show how individuals shape history.

February 11, 2015

Sub-Saharan Africa
Mandela 25 Years Prison Nelson Mandela Freed Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

In 1964, Nelson Mandela was convicted of sabotage in conjunction with the armed struggle against apartheid in the Rivonia Trial. He was sentenced to life in prison. His statement at his sentencing wa…

December 10, 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa
Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela and the Land Question in South Africa

A year after the death of Nelson Mandela, his reputation for reconciliation is undiminished. However, a more rounded evaluation of his career is emerging, one that takes into account the difficult ch…