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February 16, 2018

Play Adam B. Schiff The Russia Probe and U.S. National Security: A Conversation With U.S. Rep. Adam B. Schiff

Adam B. Schiff (D-CA) discusses the national security implications of Russia's U.S. election interference, and the security concerns associated with North Korea and withdrawing from the Joint Compreh…

October 4, 2016

CFR Cyber Net Politics Risky Business: When Governments Do Not Attribute State-Sponsored Cyberattacks

Kristen Eichensehr is an Assistant Professor at UCLA School of Law, an affiliate scholar at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, and a term member of the Council on Foreign Rel…

November 4, 2015

United States
Play _KSA1310_Sardari_EC.jpg Jeh Johnson on U.S. Cybersecurity Readiness

Jeh Charles Johnson discusses the state of U.S. cybersecurity.

February 7, 2014

You Might Have Missed: Global Threats Hearing, China’s ADZ, Drones in Pakistan

Hearing on Global Threats to the U.S., U.S. House Intelligence Committee, February 4, 2014. REPRESENTATIVE JAN SCHAKOWSKY (D-IL): Director Clapper, do you have any concrete intelligence of a relatio…

February 7, 2005

Palestinian Territories
MIDDLE EAST: After Arafat

This publication is now archived. Who is Yasir Arafat’s likely successor?Experts say there is no Palestinian politician who can fully step into the role of Yasir Arafat, the ailing president of the P…

March 9, 2011

McKinsey Executive Roundtable Series in International Economics: How Should the United States Address Its Chinese Trade Imbalance?

JOYCE CHANG: Well, good morning, everyone. If I could get your attention, please -- good morning. It's a pleasure to be here. I'm Joyce Chang, and I run J.P. Morgan's global emerging markets and gl…

March 9, 2011

How Should the United States Address Its Chinese Trade Imbalance?

Experts outline variables such as nominal exchange rates, foreign exchange interventions, and macroeconomic imbalances as contributing factors affecting the trade relations between China and the Unit…

March 9, 2011

McKinsey Executive Roundtable Series in International Economics, "How Should the U.S. Address Its Chinese Trade Imbalance?"

CFR panel of experts on China: Eswar Prasad, the Nandlal Tolani senior professor of trade policy at Cornell University, former head of the China Division at the International Monetary Fund; Shang-Jin Wei, N.T. Wang professor of Chinese business and economy at Columbia University, former head of the Trade and Investment Division of the International Monetary Fund; and Peter Schiff, who is the president and chief global strategist for Euro Pacific Capital.

February 28, 2011

Economic Crises
Global Solutions for the Global Economic Crisis

World Bank's Justin Yifu Lin outlines how domestic policies such as reduced capital outflow and increased investment in infrastructure, can hinder a rapid recovery for the global economy.