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October 20, 2004

Capital Flows
The IMF staff report on Iraq is a goldmine

I don’t expect many journalists will delve into it, but the IMF staff report on Iraq is a fountain of information. My favorite number: in 2004, the amount Iraq will spend importing (yes, importing) …

December 11, 2004

United States
The Global Test

My harping on the fact that US economic policy now has to pass a global test is not simply meant to score rhetorical points. I suspect that the same folks who financed the expansion of the US curren…

February 17, 2005

The Achilles Heel of Cowboyeconomics

The Wall Street Journal says everyone in the world would benefit from a dose of Cowboyeconomics. You know, exporting tons of debt, to support consumption growth well in excess of income growth ... …

May 30, 2005

United States
Memo to Kirstof: China has some responsibility for global imbalances too

Nick Kristof accuses the US -- Democrats in Congress in particular -- of scapegoating China, and blaming China for global economic problems (more accurately, the risk of global economic problems) tha…

September 28, 2005

Emerging Markets
Sovereign bankruptcy

Sovereign bankruptcy is hardly a hot topic right now.   Its fifteen minutes of fame are long gone.But it briefly occupied the attention of top policy makers.  And some of you may be interested in my …

November 21, 2005

Quick summary of the weekend papers

Koreans save; Californians do not - but they do want to sell real estate.  And autoworkers in Michigan and Ohio should not count on being part of the American middle class for much longer.   Delp…

May 10, 2006

United States
Self promotion watch (Treasury foreign exchange report edition)

I was interviewed by Adam Davidson of NPR about the Treasury’s forthcoming foreign exchange report (to be released at 4 pm today). You can hear the results here.    Adam Davidson also interviewed the…

July 6, 2006

Variations on 7.99

7.992 7.9955 7.996 Anyone detect a pattern?    China’s de facto dollar peg seems to be around 7.99. At least for now.  I haven’t written much about China recently because nothing much seems…

January 8, 2007

United States
Two reasons why I am cautious about predicting a big turn in the trade deficit

1. A rising fraction of the Toyotas sold in the US are now made in Japan.  The Journal:Toyota has said it aims to produce in North America two-thirds of the overall number of vehicles it sells here. …

February 28, 2007

Why is China’s government trying so hard to hold down China’s current living standard? And investing so much of China’s savings in depreciating assets?

Dr. DeLong is engaged is a rather spirited debate over at TPMCafe – one that mirrors the debate inside the Democratic party.  It is a debate over trade, but it also is a debate over US grand strategy…