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April 2, 2012

Egypt's-Engineer-A-Look-Und Egypt’s "Engineer": A Look Under the Hood

My research associate, Alexander Brock, and research intern, Jessica Cusano, have written the below profile of newly nominated Egyptian presidential candidate Khairat al-Shater, affiliated with the M…

October 10, 2017

Refugees and Displaced Persons
Ethnic Yazidis flee the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq. How Does the U.S. Refugee System Work?

The United States has long accepted refugees from around the world, but President Trump’s executive orders on immigration have sparked debate over the national security implications of its refugee pr…

August 16, 2017

Radicalization and Extremism
A militia member rallies in Charlottesville. What Is the Far Right’s Threat to National Security?

Armed protests in Charlottesville highlight how the U.S. government has long devoted insufficient resources toward countering domestic far-right movements.

April 7, 2017

RTX31ABH_b Silent Suffering: Mental Health as a Global Health Priority

Coauthored with Ryan Fedasiuk, intern in the International Institutions and Global Governance program at the Council on Foreign Relations. Today is World Health Day. Originally created to mark the…

February 3, 2012

Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, a Civilian Conservation Corps project (Courtesy Oregon State University Archives). Good Jobs and Good Works: Time for a New Civilian Conservation Corps

If I had a billion dollars to spend, I can think of no better way to do it than what the Obama administration plans to include in its upcoming budget: a new Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that wil…

April 9, 2013

Energy and Environment
Egypt-subsidies-IMF-economic-crisis-foreign-reserves-deficit-debt Is the IMF Fighting for Social Justice in Egypt?

This week a team from the International Monetary Fund is in Cairo yet again, attempting to reach agreement with the Egyptian government on a $4.8 billion loan to plug Egypt’s increasingly serious ext…

October 12, 2017

Play In The Name of Peace A Discussion on the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Panelists discuss the relative success of the Northern Ireland peace process almost twenty years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

May 31, 2011

Middle East and North Africa
Bahrain: Bad to Worse

Not so long ago Bahrain was considered one of the more liberal Arab states. No longer. The situation in Bahrain is deteriorating further, despite occasional government claims that things are stable …

July 11, 2011

Syria Attacks U.S. Embassy; Now What Is Our Response?

In the last few months the Syrian regime has detained, hooded, and "roughed up" an American official who had diplomatic immunity, and spied on Americans and Syrians protesting in the United States ag…

September 12, 2017

Play World Economic Update World Economic Update

Experts discuss trends in the global economy.