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January 9, 2005

Financial Markets
The price of a European vacation

As readers of this blog no doubt know, the dollar rallied v. the euro last week. Not that most of America noticed. In much of America’s heartland, the dollar’s value does not make the financial new…

September 3, 2008

Forget about the CIC. The state banks are the real story for now

Rose Yu and Amy Or’s Wall Street Journal story on China’s reduced appetite for Agency bonds is loaded with interesting detail. And not just about the fall in Chinese state banks’ holdings of Agenc…


August 18, 2011

Middle East and North Africa
The End of OPEC?

Is the “center of gravity” of the global energy system about to shift from the Middle East to the Americas? That’s the provocative thesis of an article by Amy Jaffe in the new issue of Foreign Policy…

October 22, 2012

Defense and Security
TWE Remembers: Five Memorable Foreign Policy Moments in Presidential Debates

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney meet tonight in Boca Raton, Florida to debate foreign policy. Both men hope that what they say will move voters in their direction. But that’s not alwa…

John McCain and Barack Obama debate foreign policy at the University of Mississippi in 2008. (Jim Bourg/ courtesy Reuters)

December 22, 2012

United States
You Might Have Missed: Drones, Leaving Afghanistan, and Iran

DOD Decision Makers Need Additional Analyses to Determine Costs and Benefits of Returning Excess Equipment, Government Accountability Office, December 19, 2012. In June 2011, the United States annou…

March 22, 2013

United States
You Might Have Missed: Iraq, Yemen, and Drone Strikes

Government Accountability Office, “U.S. Assistance to Yemen: Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of Emergency Food Aid and Assess Security Assistance,” March 20, 2013. Two DOD programs account for t…

CIA Lobby

July 5, 2013

Defense and Security
You Might Have Missed: Drone Strikes, Armed Conflict Data, and Snowden’s Fate

Hope Hodge, The Pentagon’s Hollywood Liaison, Army Times, July 8, 2013. The U.S. military has played a supporting role in blockbuster films almost since the invention of the silver screen… Since 19…

January 24, 2014

You Might Have Missed: USS Cowpens, French Reapers, and the World Economic Forum

Samuel J. Locklear III, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command, “Department of Defense Press Briefing by Admiral Locklear in the Pentagon Briefing Room,” U.S. Department of Defense, January 23, 2014. Q: …

USS Cowpens

September 19, 2014

Revisiting Rabaa

Between the war in Gaza, the ISIS advance on Iraq, Libya’s disintegration, and the monumental brutality of the Syrian conflict—the last week of July was the deadliest of the civil war—the world barel…

Revisiting Rabaa_RESIZED

November 17, 2014

International Organizations
African Union Peace Operations: From Rhetoric to Reality

—Djibouti, East Africa The slogan of “African solutions to African problems” has long been a seductive mantra, attractive to African and Western governments alike. The phrase suggests a new era of c…

An African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) soldier stands guard atop an armored vehicle in Mogadishu, Somalia, November 2013.