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October 31, 2007

United States
Reforming U.S. Foreign Aid

Please join a discussion led by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, with two representatives of the HELP Commission (Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of People Around the Globe) and the forme…

May 1, 2007

Makovsky: Olmert ‘A Dead Duck’ Politically

David Makovsky, an expert on Israeli politics, says it is virtually inevitable that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be forced to resign, and considers his possible successors.

October 31, 2007

United States
Reforming U.S. Foreign Aid

Watch experts discuss U.S. foreign aid reform and the upcoming report of the HELP Commission, established by Congress to determine ways to make U.S. foreign aid more effective.

August 2, 2007

International Organizations
Lute: Hybrid Peacekeeping Force in Darfur an ‘Unprecedented’ Operation

Jane Holl Lute, assistant secretary-general for UN peacekeeping operations, says the joint United Nations/African Union peacekeeping force for Darfur is an “unprecedented” operation and the full forc…

April 12, 2001

U.S. Foreign Policy
Strategic Energy Policy: Challenges for the 21st Century

April 10, 2001 - There could be more Californias in America’s future unless the U.S. government adopts a long-term, comprehensive energy policy now, according to an independent task force report co-s…

September 3, 2008

Forget about the CIC. The state banks are the real story for now

Rose Yu and Amy Or’s Wall Street Journal story on China’s reduced appetite for Agency bonds is loaded with interesting detail. And not just about the fall in Chinese state banks’ holdings of Agenc…


February 26, 2009

Security Alliances
NATO At 60 Symposium: Session IV: NATO and the European Union

Watch experts provide their insights on topics such as EU and NATO political and military cooperation, France's role in NATO, EU defense policy, and others as part of the Council on Foreign Relations…

March 5, 2009

Corporate Governance
Global Corporate Citizenship Series: Twenty-First Century Capitalism: The New Role Business Must Play

Watch Neville Isdell, chairman of the board of the Coca-Cola Company, discuss the necessary steps for companies to take to become responsible organizations and restore the faith of consumers in indus…

April 27, 2009

Foreign Aid
Philanthropy and U.S. Foreign Policy

Speakers:Carol C. AdelmanDirector, Center for Global Prosperity, Hudson Institute Jane WalesPresident and Chief Executive Officer, World Affairs Council of Northern California; Cofounder and Preside…

April 27, 2009

Foreign Aid
Philanthropy and U.S. Foreign Policy

Watch experts breakdown the issues of private philanthropic organizations and the impact of philanthropy on U.S. foreign policy.