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August 10, 2017

Weak Link in Afghanistan Strategy: Pakistan, Still Not Serious About Terrorism

Nearly sixteen long years on, the United States still struggles with how to devise a strategy for success in Afghanistan. The Donald J. Trump administration’s ongoing strategic review, according to p…

Saifullah Khalid (2nd L), president of the Milli Muslim League political party, holds a party flag with others during a news conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, August 7, 2017. Faisal Mahmood/Reuters

April 14, 2017

How India Can Help in Afghanistan

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster will head to Afghanistan, and reportedly Pakistan and India as well, this weekend. In the wake of Thursday’s Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb drop in Afghanista…


October 7, 2016

This Week in Markets and Democracy: Study on Factory Labor, Thai Anticorruption Court, Afghanistan Aid

Why Trade Deals Matter for Workers Everywhere The shift of low-skilled manufacturing jobs from industrialized to emerging economies helped lift millions out of poverty over the past few decades (eve…

A woman stitches leather gloves at the Pittards world class leather manufacturing company in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, March 22, 2016. Picture taken March 22, 2016 (Reuters/Tiksa Negeri).

September 30, 2016

Friday Asia Update: Five Stories From the Week of September 30, 2016

Rachel Brown, Sherry Cho, Samir Kumar, Gabriella Meltzer, David O’Connor, and Gabriel Walker look at five stories from Asia this week. 1. Women activists urge Ban Ki-moon to formally end Korean War…


March 27, 2015

Wars and Conflict
Mr. Ghani Goes to Washington

This week, during the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s White House visit, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that he will delay the schedule for U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and current t…

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani (L) shakes hands with U.S. President Barack Obama after their joint news conference at the White House in Washington, DC, March 24, 2015 (Courtesy Jonathan Ernst/Reuters).

October 7, 2014

Wars and Conflict
Viewing the U.S.–Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement Through a Gender Lens

After almost a year of stalemate, Afghanistan finally signed a renewed bilateral security agreement (BSA) with the United States last Tuesday. The document, which allows 9,800 U.S. troops and 2,000 N…

Afghan National Security Advisor Hanif Atmar and U.S. Ambassador James Cunningham sign the bilateral security agreement in Kabul, Afghanistan, September 30, 2014 (Courtesy Reuters/Mohammad Ismail).

July 19, 2014

How Kerry’s Election Deal Can Help Afghan Women

The deal that Secretary of State John Kerry recently brokered to recount votes in Afghanistan’s disputed presidential election demonstrates the United States still has a stake in the future of the wa…


July 3, 2014

Wars and Conflict
The Status of Women and Girls in Iraq and Afghanistan

This post is by Catherine Powell, fellow for CFR’s Women and Foreign Policy Program; and Amelia Wolf, research associate for CFR’s Center for Preventive Action and International Institutions and Glob…


April 8, 2016

Friday Asia Update: Five Stories From the Week of April 8, 2016

Rachel Brown, Lincoln Davidson, Gabriella Meltzer, Gabriel Walker, and Pei-Yu Wei look at five stories from Asia this week. 1. Corruption and combat thwart counternarcotics efforts in Afghanistan. T…