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August 14, 2008

Monetary Policy
The changing balance of global financial power

Not only do we live in a new "age of authoritarianism," but we live in a world where autocratic governments increasingly finance democratic governments. Consider a chart that shows the increase in…


February 1, 2009

South Korea
A Comprehensive Vision for the U.S.-ROK Alliance

The U.S.-ROK security alliance has been one of the key components of U.S. policy in Asia for over five decades, but the alliance has traditionally been premised on the narrow coldwar task of guarante…

Support for KORUS FTA

May 27, 2009

Politics and Government
The Line of Fire

I wrote the following piece on crime in Venezuela for foreignpolicy.com. Mention violence in Latin America today and most people think of Mexico. But if you want to talk about murder, the region’s ho…


November 19, 2009

Defense and Security
Breaking Mexico's Fall

Philip Caputo paints a grim picture of Mexico’s current war on drugs in “The Fall of Mexico,” which appears in the December 2009 issue of The Atlantic. His pessimism reflects more than just skyrocke…


February 8, 2010

Anwar and Malaysia’s Unfortunate Downturn

When has any potential success story fallen as far and as fast in recent years as Malaysia? Sure, Iceland’s economy has collapsed, after its banks made such risky loans they made American financial i…

June 21, 2010

The New Normal

Sukree Sukplang/courtesy Reuters Now that Thailand has resolved the short term crisis of the red short protestors occupying – and often destroying – parts of central Bangkok, the Thai government has…

An anti-government

June 24, 2010

Chinese Politics -- Not an Oxymoron!

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jason Lee I have a Ph.D. in Chinese politics—which means I have an abiding faith in the idea that, yes, China actually does have politics. That’s always been true, even in…

Chinese Politics -- Not an Oxymoron!

July 1, 2010

A Response to “Asia Alone”

Jim Young/courtesy Reuters In Liz Economy’s assessment of Simon Tay’s new book Asia Alone, she writes that Tay argues that the United States should accept ASEAN as a full partner in a more multilate…

U.S. President Obama shakes hands with Thailand’s PM Abhisit after  the ASEAN-US Leaders Meeting at the APEC Summit in Singapore

July 20, 2010

Thailand’s Creeping Authoritarianism

Damir Sagolj / courtesy Reuters As international attention has shifted elsewhere following the dispersal of protests in Bangkok in May, the Thai government has quietly moved toward a kind of cree…

Anti-government red shirt protesters shout slogans holding a  poster with a defaced photo of Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit  Vejjajiva during a protest in central Bangkok

August 19, 2010

Web 0.2

In an increasingly competitive region, and a world where a prolonged economic slowdown looks more than likely, the countries of Southeast Asia, constantly worried about competing with China and Ind…

Mas Ayu Adnan, a student, checks her assignment at a cybercafe in Kuala Lumpur August 11, 2009.