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November 26, 2005

Kansas is flat, the world is not …

To paraphrase the New Economist, the Financial Times must think the world is flat.  They just gave Tom Friedman the inaugural Financial Times/ Goldman Sachs book prize last week - for a book based on…

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October 28, 2005

United States
Who would sit on today’s “committee to save the world”

That is one of many interesting issues raised by Times selectman Floyd Norris today. As Norris notes, Alan Greenspan never had half the power people thought he had.  All he does is set short-term (cr…

April 18, 2006

Not working — China’s attempts to rebalance its economy

China's leaders talk of rebalancing the basis for Chinese growth, shifting from exports and investment to consumption.   That makes a lot of sense to me.  China's economy is every bit as unba…

September 7, 2007

Is China selling its Treasuries?

Combine two data points The August fall in Treasury holdings in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s custodial accounts (the data is released weekly here); andThe very modest increase in China’s re…

November 1, 2010

United States
Peace Process?

I have it on good authority, which in Washington means that I read it in Laura Rozen’s foreign policy blog at Politico and confirmed it through various conversations with colleagues who had coffee …

Peace Process?

January 28, 2011

Diplomacy and International Institutions
Friday File: “Friday of Wrath” Tests the Obama Administration

An anti-government protester defaces a picture of Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak in Alexandria. (Courtesy Reuters) Above the Fold. Just three days after delivering a State of the Union Address …

An anti-government protester defaces a picture of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak in Alexandria.

February 25, 2011

Diplomacy and International Institutions
TWE Remembers: John Foster Dulles

Every day thousands of people fly into and out of Washington’s Dulles International Airport. Few of them think about the man for whom the airport is named, John Foster Dulles. He was born on this day…


December 8, 2010

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I Still Don’t Get It

Sorry for the light posting recently - I am finishing up my book on Egyptian politics. But I could not resist responding to  today’s headline on the settlements. Like I said a few weeks ago, I don’…

I Still Don’t Get It

December 9, 2010

United States
Proximity Talks?

My colleague, Rob Danin, had an excellent CFR “First Take” yesterday on the administration’s change in direction on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.  It will be interesting to hear what Secretary…

Proximity Talks?

March 25, 2011

Defense and Security
Is Operation Odyssey Dawn Constitutional? Obama Versus the Framers

I noted in a post earlier today that President Obama can make a credible legal case—if he were ever forced to make one—that he had all the authority he needed to order Operation Odyssey Dawn. But his…

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