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April 12, 2001

Energy and Climate Policy
Strategic Energy Policy Challenges for the 21st Century

Cosponsored by James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University There could be more Californias in America’s future unless the U.S. government adopts a long-term, comprehensive en…

March 14, 2006

IRAQ: Saddam’s Trial

This publication is now archived. What are the specific charges against Saddam Hussein?The first case to be brought against Saddam Hussein at the Iraqi Special Tribunal involves his role in the 1982 …

January 30, 2007

Financial Markets
Hey big spender (or why conservation is perhaps a bit more than just a personal virtue) ….

In the past, I have noted that oil exporters saved rather than spent the windfall from the surge in oil prices.    The IMF calculated that the average oil producer in the Middle East “spent” 30% and …


October 15, 2007

United States
The Legacy of Sputnik

Watch Matthew Brzezinski, an author and former Wall Street Journal Moscow correspondent, and Roger D. Lanius, a space historian at the Smithsonian Institute, discuss the legacy of Sputnik fifty years…

October 15, 2007

Technology and Innovation
The Legacy of Sputnik

The panelists will discuss the October 4, 1957 launching of the Soviet satellite, Sputnik, its impact on the Cold War, and its role in propelling the Information Age.

June 26, 2008

Defense and Security
U.S-Pakistan Military Cooperation

Pakistan is key to success in U.S.-led  counterterrorism efforts, with its tribal areas serving as terrorist havens. But covert U.S. military actions inside Pakistan put the future of the U.S.-Pakist…

April 21, 2009

Afghanistan, Pakistan, and U.S. National Security Symposium: Panel I: The Current State of Play

Watch experts describe the current state of play in Afghanistan and Pakistan and how developments on the ground are affecting decision makers in the United States. This discussion was part of the Co…

August 31, 2009

Elections and Voting
The Rise of Political Opposition in Japan

Opposition victory in Japan’s 2009 parliamentary election served as a watershed moment in the country’s electoral politics. Analysts say political change in Tokyo could result in a possible shift in …

January 20, 2010

Open Labs, Open Minds: Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation and Access to Medicines in the Developing World

Watch GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty discuss steps GSK is taking to address neglected tropical diseases and to ensure access to vaccines in the developing world. This session was part of the Corpo…

January 20, 2010

Open Labs, Open Minds: Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation and Access to Medicines in the Developing World

VIJAY VAITHEESWARAN: Ladies and gentlemen, if we can please take our seats. Thank you very much. My name is Vijay Vaitheeswaran, of The Economist. It's my great pleasure this morning to welcome you…