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September 8, 2011

Economic Crises
Corporate Program Conference Call: Obama's Speech on Job Creation

As President Obama prepares to go before Congress and outline his new proposals on job creation, join CFR’s Edward Alden and Michael Spence to discuss the challenges facing the U.S. economy and optio…


January 4, 2010

Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Media Conference Call: U.S. Response to Terror Threat

Listen to CFR fellows Edward Alden and Steven Simon discuss the U.S. response to the Christmas Day bombing plot, including tighter travel restrictions enacted for citizens of 14 countries.


February 6, 2009

Media Conference Call: Trade Issues Relating To The "Buy American" Provision In The Stimulus Bill

Listen to CFR experts Jagdish Bhagwati and Edward Alden discuss the "Buy American" provision in the stimulus bill.


April 29, 2010

Immigration and Migration
Media Conference Call: The Future of Immigration Reform (Audio)

Listen to Edward Alden discuss Arizona's controversial new immigration law and its implications for comprehensive immigration reform.


June 7, 2018

United States
Trade Troubles at the G7

Trade disputes between the United States and its allies are looming over the upcoming Group of Seven summit in Canada on Friday and Saturday. CFR senior fellows Edward Alden, Sebastian Mallaby, and M…