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March 29, 2005

United States
Too big to behave rashly

According to Andrew Samwick, the world’s central banks are too big to behave rashly. As he puts it: "We’re too big an economy, and our creditors’ portfolio holdings are simply too large for them to …

July 6, 2005

Worrying about debt to China

Jesse Eisinger has a nice Long and Short column exploring CNOOC’s bid for Unocal in the Wall Street Journal. I liked this quote from Lehman’s Ethan Harris:The Cnooc bid "strikes people that we really…

June 24, 2011

International Organizations
Half-Baked: The UN’s Annual Global Drug Report

Drug addicts in Managua, Nicaragua (Oswaldo Rivas/ Courtesy Reuters). On Thursday, the United Nations launched its annual World Drug Report. This year’s report comes four decades after President Ric…

Half-Baked: The UN’s Annual Global Drug Report

March 9, 2012

Sub-Saharan Africa
Guest Post: KONY 2012, Beyond the Buzz

This is a guest post by Melissa Bukuru, CFR Africa program intern. After 50 million views and a media buzz that shows no sign of dying down quickly, backlash to Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 video …


May 16, 2012

Fossil Fuels
Energy and U.S. Manufacturing: Five Things to Think About

The boom in U.S. oil and gas production has sparked talk of a manufacturing renaissance. I mentioned that somewhat skeptically last week in the context of a much broader piece on the excitement surro…

January 23, 2012

Fossil Fuels
Parsing A New Study On Natural Gas Exports

The EIA released a new study last week that attempts to quantify the market impacts of increased natural gas exports from the United States. It’s a useful and informative piece of work, but it also h…

July 9, 2012

Fossil Fuels
Are Natural Gas Liquids as Good as Oil?

Technical details sometimes turn out to be just that – details. Sometimes, though, they turn out to be much more. A longstanding technical debate over how to think about natural gas liquids (NGLs) ma…

March 15, 2012

Ugly Israelis?

I rarely write about Israel.  It’s important politically, but intellectually for me a bit of a bore. What more can be said about the country that has not already been said, especially the Arab-Israel…


October 17, 2016

For the People and By the People: Shaping Norms for the Internet of Things

Susan Ariel Aaronson is a research professor and cross-disciplinary fellow at George Washington University. Ethan Wham is social media consultant and a member of the greater Washington, DC chapter of…

January 11, 2017

United States
The U.S. Needs More Manufactured Exports

I previously have noted that—if you exclude processing imports—China’s imports of manufactures are low relative to its GDP. I suspect the interlinked "China, Inc" connections between Party and State …