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January 11, 2005

Financial Markets
Not where we should want to be

It is not a good sign when market strategists say any mention of "fundamentals" is dollar negative. From Wednesday’s FT:Mr Snow reaffirmed that his administration’s concept of a "strong dollar" was …

December 30, 2005

Things I got wrong in 2005

Alas, this list is rather long.   There is a reason why Mike Dooley ended the first segment of our Econoblog debate by noting that he had been right (and I and other worry warts had been wrong) for 2…

March 8, 2006

Emerging Markets
The market concludes (many) risks do not exist. And then it reevaluates.

I was going to write about how the markets have concluded that risk does not exist.After all, early last week, the market thought that dollar bonds issued by emerging economies were not that much mor…

November 24, 2006

Financial Markets
Deja vu all over again (dollar falls v. the euro when Americans are on vacation edition)

Maybe it is just me, but Thankgiving 2006 is starting to feel a bit like the period after Christmas in 2004.   Both periods saw sharp falls in the dollar in thin markets.  1.31 isn’t 1.36.  But, in a…

September 1, 2009

North Korea
Restoring Boldness and Flexibility to U.S.-ROK Coordination on North Korea

Song Min-soon is former foreign minister of the Republic of Korea and a National Assemblyman with the Democratic Party. The North Korean issue, including its nuclear problem, has been the most diffi…

Lee Myung-bak talks with Barack Obama

January 22, 2010

China-DPRK Relations: A Return to a Strategic Relationship?

Following North Korea’s second nuclear test in May of 2009, Chinese analysts did not hide their frustration with Pyongyang. China signed on to a robust UN Security Council resolution condemning the t…

March 11, 2010

The NPC…Not Entirely a Snoozefest

With the National People’s Congress (NPC) meeting in Beijing winding down, I thought it might be interesting to take stock of what happened and what didn’t… What didn’t happen: Any really new policy…

August 13, 2010

China’s Rise and the Contested Commons

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Aly Song Is there a more interesting place these days than the South China Sea? It’s the locus of a full-contact diplomatic spat between Washington and Beijing. It’s an …

China’s Rise and the Contested Commons

December 7, 2010

Our Test Scores Are In

The results for the most recent Program on International Student Assessment (PISA), which tests fifteen-year-old students on math, reading and science, are out.  Once again, U.S. students finished …

Our Test Scores Are In

May 25, 2010

China’s Cultural Icons Turn Political

David Gray/Courtesy Reuters There are new voices on China’s political scene. While political activists such as Hu Jia and Charter 08 leader Liu Xiaobo languish in jail and AIDS activist Wan Yanhai f…

Chinese artist Ai WeiWei (C) walks past police as he arrives to give support to Liu Xiaobo, one of China’s most prominent dissidents, outside the courthouse where Liu is on trial in Beijing December 23, 2009. Liu went on trial on subversion charges on Wednesday, drawing an outcry at home and abroad over the country’s sweeping laws against political opponents. Chinese prosecutors accuse Liu of