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April 26, 2011

North Korea
No Good Options on North Korea

As former president Jimmy Carter visits Pyongyang, any movement on resumption of stalled talks on North Korea’s denuclearization is unlikely, says CFR fellow Sue Terry. Washington should continue to …

August 2, 2009

Monetary Policy
How much do the major Sovereign Wealth Funds manage?

This post is by Brad Setser and Rachel Ziemba of RGE Monitor A score of recent reports have put the total assets managed by sovereign wealth funds at around $3 trillion. That seems high to us – at…

February 26, 2007

China: moving up the value added chain

Richard McGregor of the Financial Times: “The fastest growing export sectors in 2006 were aircraft parts, shipbuilding, integrated circuits, cars and car parts, electrical machinery and telecommunica…

May 13, 2007

When will China’s government start begging Chinese savers to move some of their money abroad …

There is still a perception – though it is perhaps less widespread than it used to be – that Chinese savers are desperate to get their money out of China, if given half a chance.   That perception sh…