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April 20, 2008

Inequality in America

Unions in the American manufacturing sector used to have the bargaining power to secure a middle class wage for their members. Not any more. And no one else – apart from corporate CEOs, hedge fu…

April 18, 2011

Politics and Government
Campaign 2012: Hello Rick Santorum, GOP Presidential Candidate

Rick Santorum speaks during the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition's Spring Event in Waukee, Iowa March 7, 2011. (Brian Frank/courtesy Reuters) Pennsylvania State University can claim many accomplis…

Rick Santorum speaks during the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Spring Event in Waukee, Iowa March 7, 2011.

September 13, 2011

Defense and Security
Ending America’s Military Presence in Iraq

Last month, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was asked if the Iraqi government would request that U.S. troops stay in country beyond the mutually-agreed upon withdrawal date of December 31, 2011. …

A soldier inspects the remains of a vehicle used in a bomb attack in Baghdad’s Sadr city on May 22, 2011 (Kareem Raheem/Courtesy Reuters).

January 27, 2012

Defense and Security
You Might Have Missed: Chinese Drones, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, and Human Rights

Adam Entous, Julian E. Barnes, and Siobhan Gorman, “More Drones, Fewer Troops,” Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2012. The plan, to be unveiled by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday and…

Congolese women

February 21, 2012

Defense and Security
Ask the Experts: What Would Iran Do With a Bomb?

In 1995, Kenneth Waltz and Scott Sagan coauthored the book, The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: A Debate, which sought to address the question: what are the likely consequences of the spread of nuclear we…

Bushehr nuclear reactor 2

March 14, 2012

Wonk Writing Today

In his excellent book published in 1999, Disarming Strangers: Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea, Leon Sigal chronicles the Clinton administration’s confrontation with Pyongyang over its nuclear prog…

Lagarde on Twitter

April 6, 2012

China’s Wen Jiabao: Taking it to the Streets

Updated with correct sourcing for translation of Hu Xijin’s comments. Thanks to Kenneth Tan of Shanghaiist The political brouhaha over Bo Xilai’s ouster as Chongqing Party Secretary continues to rev…

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao smiles as he watches a performance given by students during his visit to the Chinese Culture Center in Seoul May 29, 2010.

May 4, 2012

United States
You Might Have Missed: Drones, Preterm Births, and Robot Soldiers

AFP, “U.S.-Afghan Pact ‘Does Not Rule Out Drone Strikes,’” May 3, 2012. The pact between the United States and Afghanistan could leave the door open for continued drone strikes against insurgent tar…

Afghan bombing

February 28, 2012

Defense and Security
Lessons Learned: The Articles of Confederation

A new installment of “Lessons Learned” is now out. This week I discuss the Articles of Confederation, America’s first constitution. It entered into effect on March 1, 1781, after Maryland became the …

May 9, 2012

United States
A Primer on Military Force

As I’ve written previously, policymakers and pundits have some pretty silly proposals for the use of military force. Whether it’s President Clinton,“[It would] scare the shit out of al Qaeda if sudde…

Army tanks