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August 18, 2008

Monetary Policy

Agency spreads have widened. See John Jansen for all the gory details. The New York Fed’s custodial holdings of Agencies haven’t grown at anything like their typical pace over the past few weeks. …

November 12, 2010

Where Oh Where is Wen Jiabao?

So much for Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s bold words on the need for freedom of speech and democracy. His words haven’t stopped Beijing from executing an epic human rights crackdown—which is only hurt…

Ai Weiwei

November 13, 2008

United States
Ut-oh .... exports are starting to fall fast

For the US trade deficit to fall (setting the effect of falling oil prices aside), exports have to grow faster than imports -- or imports have to fall faster than exports. If exports fall faster tha…

Ut-oh .... exports are starting to fall fast

April 22, 2008

Ut-oh! Is China starting to blame the US for its currency losses?

It is commonly argued that growing economic ties tend to create common interests that will reduce tension between nations (see FT’s Alphaville). The enormous amount China has lent to the US -- a tot…

September 18, 2006

Monetary Policy
Where oh where are Russia’s reserves?

Through the end of July, Russia had added $83.5b to its reserves.  It added around $15b in July alone.  Through the end of July, China had added about $135b to its reserves, including around $13b i…

June 24, 2010

International Organizations
The G20’s Twenty Agendas

The G20 meetings in Toronto will be marked by competing agendas on global growth and financial regulations. This Backgrounder looks at the range of policy concerns.

May 31, 2003

North Korea
Meeting the North Korean Nuclear Challenge

The North Korean nuclear program is headed in a dangerous direction. Yet the United States and its allies have not set forth a coherent or unified strategy to stop it. This Task Force report evaluate…

June 1, 1998

South Korea
Managing Change on the Korean Peninsula

The Korean peninsula remains one of the most heavily armed and dangerous places in the world. Despite its deteriorating economy, North Korea retains a standing army of over one million men and an eno…