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May 8, 2020

United States
Reopening North America

Edward Alden, Bernard L. Schwartz senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Laurie Trautman, director of the Border Policy Research Institute at Western Washington University, discuss CO…


April 12, 2016

Global Efforts to Combat the Zika Virus

Laurie Garrett discusses the domestic and international ramifications of the Zika virus outbreak.


November 21, 2013

Pandemic Preparedness

Council on Foreign Relations 11/21/13 Academic Conference Call on Pandemic Preparedness with Laurie Garrett


September 24, 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa
Confronting the Ebola Outbreak

Council on Foreign Relations 9/24/15 Academic Conference Call on Confronting the Ebola Outbreak with Laurie Garrett


October 1, 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa
Media Conference Call: Ebola in the U.S. (Audio)

Listen as Laurie Garrett, CFR senior fellow for global health, discusses the recent arrival of a traveler infected with Ebola in the United States, as well efforts to combat the virus's rapid spread …


February 7, 2008

Public Health Threats and Pandemics
State and Local Officials Conference Call with Laurie Garrett

Listen to Laurie Garrett, CFR senior fellow for global health, examine the current dialogue on containing and curtailing pandemics as part of CFR's State and Local Officials Conference Call Series. …