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January 7, 2006

The FT is on a roll

China could diversify its reserves out of dollars, but only if it gives up its dollar peg.And it if it gives up its dollar peg, it will be because China has decided not to add to its (already enormou…

January 8, 2005

The FT should have done better

Usually, the FT -- including its oped page -- can be counted on to be the voice of moderate reason. That’s why I was slightly disappointed by this line in today’s FT leader:"Other critics argue that…

February 7, 2007

Financial Markets
FT to Japan: Take some profits, please

Japan's Ministry of Finance bought a lot of dollars in 2003 and early 2004.   Those dollars won't buy as many euros now as they did then, but, the Ministry of Finance cares about their value …

February 28, 2006

Read Richard McGregor’s FT article on China

I follow the data coming out of China pretty closely, at least for someone whose linguistic limitations crimp any long-term ambitions to be a professional China Watcher.     Not every article on Chin…

July 8, 2008

Financial Markets
The FT joins the chorus arguing against the Gulf’s dollar peg

The FT’s leader concisely summarizes the arguments against the Gulf’s peg to the dollar. "The UAE either keeps its currency pegged to the dollar, in which case too many dirhams will chase too few go…

October 19, 2004

United States
The FT has a good article on how the US is funding its trade deficit

The Treasury provides monthly data on foreign purchases of US long-term securities. It is not a complete look at how the US is funding its trade and current account deficit, but it is the best snap …

June 10, 2019

A National Intelligence Strategy for the New Technology Age

Panelists discuss the advanced threats facing intelligence agencies posed by breakthrough technologies, and how the intelligence community should adapt to sustain a strategic advantage in a rapidly c…

Play Open configuration options A National Intelligence Strategy for the New Technology Age

January 16, 2006

Financial Markets
The FT’s Lex Blows It: There are a lot more than $125 billion petrodollars out there

I am a big fan of the FT.  But occasionally, it lets me down.  Today for example.The Lex column argues that there is no petrodollar "mystery" because there are no petrodollars circulating through the…

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December 2, 2008

Budget, Debt, and Deficits
Capitalism's End?

The financial crisis has triggered a sharp expansion in government. Some commentators portray this as a paradigm shift--a shattering of the faith in free markets and small government in the U.S. Bu…

Capitalism's End?