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September 5, 2019

United States
Can Presidents Block Investment in China?

President Trump has threatened to make U.S. companies leave China. Can he do that?

June 22, 2011

Defense and Security
House to Vote on Libya

The Capitol Dome in Washington. (Larry Downing/courtesy Reuters) The House will hold two votes on U.S. participation in the Libya operation, perhaps as early as tomorrow. The votes will reveal a lot…

The Capitol Dome in Washington. (Larry Downing/courtesy Reuters)

February 23, 2007

Monetary Policy
Can the yen ever be the un-dollar?

Binky Chadha and my friend Jens Nystedt of Deutsche Bank think so.In a world where the (net) global flow of capital is increasingly dominated by official flows (Chadha and Nystedt note "emerging mark…

July 20, 2006

Financial Markets
Is bad news for the world good news for the dollar …

I have long been puzzled by the notion that the currency of a country with a 6% of GDP trade deficit and a 7% of GDP (maybe a bit less in q1 … ) constitutes a “safe haven.”   Safe havens are supposed…

September 7, 2006

Tyler Cowen apparently did not read my China testimony! The RMB’s value does influence trade flows

The New York Times’ conservative columnists certainly know how to get my blood boiling.  David Brooks, among other things, apparently thinks the key to a hedge fund salary is good people skills – not…