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September 23, 2008

A Conversation with Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Listen to Álvaro Uribe Vélez, president of Colombia, speak about his administration's achievements and the challenges facing Colombia.

October 22, 2006

Monetary Policy
Yet more evidence China has far more reserves than it needs … courtesy of Olivier Jeanne and Romain Ranciere of the IMF

Francophone economist working in the US seem to be on something of a roll.   Olivier Blanchard (with Giavazzi and Sa) has developed an interesting model for US current account adjustment.  Helene Rey…

September 16, 2005

United States
Has the US outsourced creative thinking about external adjustment to … France?

Many have noted that President Bush likes French-style vacations.  Not so many have noticed that French economists have been at the forefront of thinking about the US current account deficit, and the…

Has the US outsourced creative thinking about external adjustment to … France?

June 30, 2005

United States
US net foreign debt on track to rise to $3.7 trillion, 30% of US GDP, at end of 2005

That, of course, that is not what the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported today. Rather, the BEA reported that at the end of 2004, the net external debt of the US (with FDI at market value) was onl…

January 3, 2006

United States
Dark matter watch

Ok, not real dark matter.   Hausmann and Sturzenegger defined "dark matter" as the difference between the assets (or liabilities) implied by US "income" payments, and the United States net internatio…

April 24, 2006

RGE pays my salary, not the IIE — and I am not exactly a true believer in dark matter

Patrick Smith seems to be based in Hong Kong, so I guess I can forgive him for thinking I work for the IIE (the Institute for International Economics).  The IIE is a great place, but they , alas, don…