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February 17, 2012

United States
Weekend Reading: Syria’s Seas, Treaty Troubles?, and Musings on the Maghreb

Soner Cagaptay reflects on what it might take to get Russia to back the Syrian opposition. Zvika Krieger writes on The Atlantic about the debate on cutting U.S. aid to Egypt and what that might mean…

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September 8, 2015

Human Rights
Night Terror, Turkey, and Refugees

Exactly a decade ago I became a father for the first time. At the very moment I first laid eyes on my daughter I experienced something I had never felt before. It was total. In an instant my life’s m…


May 2, 2012

U.S.-Turkey Relations

Turkey is a rising regional and global power facing, as is the United States, the challenges of political transitions in the Middle East, bloodshed in Syria, and Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. As…

May 7, 2012

U.S. Needs to Deepen Ties with Turkey Despite Concerns, Says New CFR Task Force

It is incumbent upon the leaders of the United States and Turkey to define a new partnership "in order to make a strategic relationship a reality," says a new Council on Foreign Relations–sponsored I…

April 19, 2007

The Iraqi Kurdish Question

Demands by Iraqi Kurds for greater autonomy have roiled their Turkish neighbors.