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April 16, 2008

Blog envy: on Europe, the G-7 and the Fed

Paul Krugman (who hardly needs a plug from me), Macro Man and Steve Waldman (of interfluidity) have all written posts that I wish I had written. Krugman elegantly shows that a lot of American stereo…

March 1, 2009

South Korea
Korean Hopes for U.S. Leadership Under Barack Obama

Lee Hong-koo is former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea (1994-1995), a trustee to The Asia Foundation and Chairman of Friends of The Asia Foundation/Korea. History will record November 2008 a…

President Obama

May 1, 2009

South Korea
Achievements of the London G20 Summit and Korea as a Troika

Kong Il-sa is Chairman and CEO of the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), Senior Economic Advisor to the President, Chairman of the G20 Summit Korea Coordinating Committee and former Financ…

London G20 Summit 2009

July 1, 2009

South Korea
Transformation of the U.S.-ROK Alliance and North Korean Threat: A South Korean Public Perspective

Gon Nam-kung is a professor at Ewha Woman’s University. The U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) alliance has now entered a crucial period in dealing with North Korean nuclear issues. At the same time, the …

KORUS FTA Support Rally

April 15, 2009

South Korea
The G20’s Challenge and Opportunity for the U.S.-ROK Alliance

Steven Schrage is the Scholl Chair in International Business at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The financial crisis has become a tsunami that threatens to upend traditional assu…

President Obama and Lee at G20 Summit in London

June 1, 2009

North Korea
South Korea-U.S. Summit: A New Approach to North Korea and Afghanistan

Ha Young-sun is professor of international politics at Seoul National University. Lee Myung-bak will visit the White House next week for his first summit meeting in Washington with Barack Obama. The…

Stephen Bosworth

September 1, 2009

North Korea
Restoring Boldness and Flexibility to U.S.-ROK Coordination on North Korea

Song Min-soon is former foreign minister of the Republic of Korea and a National Assemblyman with the Democratic Party. The North Korean issue, including its nuclear problem, has been the most diffi…

Lee Myung-bak talks with Barack Obama

November 1, 2009

South Korea
What Can We Explore to Enhance the U.S.-ROK Alliance?

Assemblyman Hwang Jin-ha is the Chairman of the Second Policy Coordination Committee of the Grand National Party. The traditional strategic foundation of the U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) alliance ha…

Lee Myung-bak and Barak Obama Joint Vision Statement

December 1, 2009

North Korea
Dispatch From Pyongyang: An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Every North Korean seems to have been mobilized for an all-out push to mark their country’s arrival as a “strong and powerful nation” in 2012, which marks the hundredth anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s b…

Ruryong Hotel in Pyongyang

December 14, 2009

Infectious Diseases
North Korea’s H1N1 Watch: Isolation Vs. Contagion

For a country that appears to be so isolated from the outside world, North Korea seems to have been on edge for months regarding the possible impact of swine flu (H1N1) on its population. These rumor…