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October 26, 2005

Earthquake Aid to Pakistan

Seems missing, at least by recent standards.   Both private giving and government help from the US and Europe seem far smaller than the outpouring of generosity that followed the tsunami - look at th…

December 17, 2010

Diplomacy and International Institutions
Friday File: The New START End Game

Above the Fold. It’s fish or cut bait time on the New START Treaty.  All signs point to a vote by next Wednesday.  Based on the strong vote this week to start the debate, supporters are optimistic…

Friday File: The New START End Game

April 14, 2011

Goodfellas on the Nile

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's sons Alaa Mubarak and Gamal Mubarak in Cairo in early January (Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Courtesy Reuters) In this extended season of the unthinkable becoming r…

Goodfellas on the Nile

March 2, 2012

Middle East Matters This Week: Syria Besieges, Egypt Relents, and Iran War-Talk

Significant Middle East Developments Syria. Developments shifted back this week to the intense fighting in Syria, especially the siege of Homs. On Thursday, Syrian rebels announced their retreat fro…

Some of the fourteen Egyptian activists who were accused of working for unlicensed non-governmental organizations and receiving illegal foreign funds, stand in a cage during the opening of their trial in Cairo on February 26, 2012 (Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Courtesy Reuters).

April 13, 2012

United States
You Might Have Missed: Drones, Night Raids, and the Appeal and Cost of Nuclear Weapons

“Piracy and Private Security,” The Economist, April 14, 2012. Private security teams patrol the decks of around 40% of large vessels in the “high-risk area” that stretches from the Persian Gulf…

Night raid training

May 11, 2012

United States
You Might Have Missed: Drones, Israel’s Nuclear Weapons, and "Big Boy Pants"

Nick Paumgarten, “The World of Surveillance,” The New Yorker, May 14, 2012. Patrick Egan, president of the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association for Unmanned Systems International: "The first ti…

Rifle Afghanistan

June 1, 2012

International Organizations
The Human Rights Council: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Since the creation of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in 2006, U.S. critics have repeatedly tarred the HRC as a feckless haven for human rights abusers and a platform for egregious attacks of Israel. …

US Ambassador Donahoe listens to a speech during the Human Rights Council special session on the situation in Syria in Geneva

January 25, 2012

January 25th and the Egypt the Revolution Has Made

This article was originally posted on ForeignAffairs.com on January 25th, 2012. Ain Sukhna is stunningly beautiful. After a two-hour drive east from Cairo through the featureless desert, the road ro…


July 28, 2012

United States
You Might Have Missed: Drones, Afghanistan, and Military Intervention

Department of Defense News Briefing with General Norton Schwartz, July 24, 2012. Q:  I just had a question about [remotely piloted aircraft].  There was statements recently that in the next year or …

Drone takeoff

September 5, 2012

The United States and Iran: Misaligned

I generally don’t write about Iran, and on the rare occasion that I do, I try my best to channel Ray Takeyh, Karim Sadjadpour, and Suzanne Maloney.  I’ll never come close to understanding Iran the wa…