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September 18, 2005

United States
Synthetic CDOs, China and Systemic Risk

I suspect the stock of outstanding synthetic credit derivatives -- $ 1500 b in synthetic CDOs in 2004 v. $300 b or so in 2001, according to Mark Whitehouse of the Wall Street Journal -- is the only t…

December 31, 2005

United States
Some things I got (more or less) right

Unfortunately, this list is a bit shorter than the list of things I got wrong.  Still, I think my crystal ball got a few things right.The rise in China's current account surplus.  I - influenced …

December 16, 2005

United States
Is the world ready to finance a $1 trillion US current account deficit?

Judging from the capital inflow into the US in October, I guess the answer is yes.  And I suspect the US may well give the world a chance to add $ 1 trillion to its dollar portfolio next year.  That …

November 30, 2005

United States
Chips and cars …

According to some, the future belongs to American platform companies. Manufacturing is a commodity, the real money comes from design, engineering and marketing.   The US - by implication - should not…

September 7, 2006

Tyler Cowen apparently did not read my China testimony! The RMB’s value does influence trade flows

The New York Times’ conservative columnists certainly know how to get my blood boiling.  David Brooks, among other things, apparently thinks the key to a hedge fund salary is good people skills – not…

December 4, 2005

What is the matter with Kansas?

After seeing this graph over at Calculated Risk, I could not resist.   It seems my home state has the least housing froth around ...Maybe it has something to do with the fact that a (very young) Univ…

December 7, 2005

Gone (ice) fishing …

I will be away from my desk for the next week or so on a business trip.  I'll probably post a bit, modern communications and all.  But I doubt I'll post every day.    I suspect that a couple …

October 2, 2008

Financial Markets
Systemic crises

A systemic financial crisis is one that affects the "system" -- not a single institution. In my view, the US -- and perhaps the US and Europe -- are now facing one. Systemic crises aren’t new. …

November 3, 2005

Not one of my usual topics

But still interesting, in a geeky kind of way.   Mankind may be getting closer to "seeing" a black hole.   I want more on this from Steve Hsu, even if he is rather busy right now.Back to China, oil, …

December 9, 2010

Climate Change
A View from Kenya on Cancun

I asked Josh Busby, an Assistant Professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, to write a guest post for this blog. Josh is conducting research on climate change…

A View from Kenya on Cancun