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May 30, 2005

United States
Memo to Kirstof: China has some responsibility for global imbalances too

Nick Kristof accuses the US -- Democrats in Congress in particular -- of scapegoating China, and blaming China for global economic problems (more accurately, the risk of global economic problems) tha…

August 19, 2005

United States
The Economist asks: Where have all the bond market vigilantes gone?

And more importantly, has the replacement of bond market vigilantes constantly searching for any indication inflation is coming back and penalizing any weakness in a country's public finances wit…

August 12, 2005

United States
The June trade data. Changes in relative prices do matter

The June trade deficit -- $58.8 billion -- was a bit bigger than the market expected, and quite a bit bigger than the May deficit ($55.4 b).   Annualized, it works out to a $706 billion trade deficit…

September 16, 2005

United States
The q2 current account deficit and global adjustment

Some days are marked by a surplus of good material.   The TIC data.  The second quarter current account data.  DeLong's magnus opus on what the great and good talked about on the margins of Jacks…

July 28, 2005

United States
Savings is still something other countries do

Which is good, because it looks like the US will need more of the world's savings to finance a pick up in investment.  The US housing market.  Still strong.  Record sales of new homes in June.  …

March 9, 2006

United States
Mike Mandel, Ricardo Hausmann and Federico Sturzenegger better be right (January trade data)

I sure hope that the US is exporting a lot of "intangibles" that don't show up in the trade data, and generating lots more intangible dark matter to offset all the external debt that the US is ta…


May 23, 2007

Middle East and North Africa
DC Daughters and Sons Event: Journey into Islam

Each year, the Council invites members to bring their guests (high school age and older) to a special “Daughters and Sons” meeting on a pressing foreign policy issue of the day. These events feature …

April 13, 2007

United States
The February trade data

On the surface, the February trade data doesn't seem to tell us much.  The $58.4b February trade deficit is a tad smaller than the $58.9b January deficit, but the overall story is the same:  the …

April 7, 2007

Emerging Markets
Two things I never expected to see

1. The spread (over Treasuries) on Brazil’s dollar bonds is now 120 bp.     I remember when … 2. Brazil added close to $25b to its reserves in a single quarter ($23.7b if you want to be precise).    …

September 11, 2007

United States
The US and Chinese trade data

China reported a large $25b trade surplus for August. The US reported a roughly $60b trade deficit for July, with strong exports offsetting a rise in the US oil import bill.Same old, same old. Chines…