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October 6, 2017

Women Around the World: This Week

Welcome to “Women Around the World: This Week,” a series that highlights noteworthy news related to women and U.S. foreign policy. This week’s post, covering September 29 to October 6, was compiled w…

Royce and McWIlliams

April 20, 2013

Middle East and North Africa
Why Europe Can’t Bring Peace to the Middle East

Lady Catherine Ashton, the EU’s top foreign policy official, has received a remarkable letter from the "European Eminent Persons Group on the Middle East Peace Process." This self-selected collectivi…

September 20, 2012

Will MOOCs Revolutionize Higher Education?

The hot new buzzword in university circles these days is MOOCs—massive open online courses. They may be the future of higher education. Or maybe not. MOOCs are just what their full names imply: onli…

Students outside of Widener Library at Harvard University, one of several universities now offering massive open online courses. (Brian Snyder/ courtesy Reuters)