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February 1, 2005

If a Kansan is going to run the World Bank

Please pick Kassebaum-Baker rather than Brownback. Kassebaum is sort of like the Christine Todd Whitman of Kansas politics; Brownback is more the Rick Santorum. I suspect that Brownback won’t get t…

April 11, 2005

United States
Skating on incredibly thin ice

Altogether, the circumstances seem to be as dangerous and intractable as any I can remember, and I can remember quite a lot. What really concerns me is that there seems to be so little willingness o…

May 27, 2005

Housing bubbles, the great plains and the coast

Not all parts of America are enjoying a housing bubble. $65,000 will buy a brick home with three bedrooms and a two car garage in Stafford Kansas, though maybe not ten acres of prairie as well. Low…

February 3, 2006

Not the usual way to describe your biggest creditor …

According to the Financial Times, the Pentagon sees China as the United States greatest potential rival."China has the "greatest potential to compete militarily" with America in the future, but the U…

November 16, 2006

United States
Wrong about 2006. Right about 2007? Or 2008?

I don’t think that Nouriel Roubini and I ever argued Bretton Woods 2 – an international monetary system based on central bank financing of the US deficit -- would absolutely collapse by the end of 20…

April 10, 2010

Climate Change
Krugman on Climate: The Good

Paul Krugman’s essay in tomorrow’s New York Times Magazine is generating a lot of buzz. I like it more than most of what’s written on climate and economics these days, but I’ve still got a few rese…

April 24, 2010

Climate Change
Carbon Pricing or R&D? A New Economics Paper Says Both

Daron Acemoglu, Philippe Aghion, and two of their colleagues (MIT and Harvard) posted a fascinating working paper last October that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves in the policy world. (After…

August 25, 2010

North Korea
The Cheonan Incident and its Impact on Regional Security

I spent last week at several meetings in Tokyo, Seoul, and Jeju that revolved around the Cheonan incident and its implications for regional security. Some Asia Unbound readers may have the impressi…

The Cheonan Incident and its Impact on Regional Security

November 12, 2010

Obama in Seoul: Underscoring the Sino-U.S. Gap on North Korea

Although the main stories of the Obama visit to Korea revolved around the gap between the United States and China on global rebalancing issues at the G-20 and the failure of Presidents Obama and Le…

Obama in Seoul: Underscoring the Sino-U.S. Gap on North Korea

February 22, 2017

Panetta’s Dangerous Mistake

Secretary of Defense Panetta addressed the Saban Forum, the annual meeting of Israeli and American journalists, officials, and former officials, on Friday evening. What he said is no mystery; why he …