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July 18, 2007

$136 billion here, $131b there and pretty soon you are talking about real money …

China announced that it added $130.6b to its reserves in the second quarter, only a bit smaller than the $135.7b it added in the first quarter.  Most of the increase was real: if China had 5% of its …


October 15, 2007

Economy: Continuing Calls for More Democracy in China As Party Congress Begins

CFR’s Elizabeth C. Economy says there are increasing calls for more democracy in China and the Communist Party Congress will have to deal with who will become the so-called “fifth generation” of Chin…

November 26, 2007

Financial Markets
Oil math

I loved the FT.com’s interactive oil map – particularly the graph showing the global flow of oil. I was also impressed by Qing Wang’s analysis of the impact of rising oil prices on China.   China …

March 5, 2008

What can not go on forever seems to be going on forever: China’s amazing January reserve growth

Let’s just say that Wang Qishan has his work cut out for him.Reuters reports that China’s reserves increased by $61.6b in January alone. That is a stunning sum. $60b is roughly the size of the US m…

April 27, 2008

What keeps Zhou Xiaochuan up at night

Friday’s Lex column highlighted the possibility that China’s real reserve growth may be far higher than the published increase in its reserves – and thus a lot more hot money may be flowing into Chin…


May 1, 2008

Managing China’s real appreciation

The BIS computes the real exchange rate for a broad range of countries (if only the data extended backwards a bit further). The BIS data shows that China’s real exchange rate tracked the US real e…


May 5, 2008

Chinese state investment abroad: familiar or something new?

Henny Sender has an excellent account of China’s decision not to allow the China Development Bank (CDB) to invest in Citibank in January in Monday’s Financial Times. It follows on Richard McGregor…

May 7, 2008

Has China lost interest in the euro?

The blogosphere’s eyes and ears in the London foreign exchange market -- Macro man -- thinks so. China has, he thinks, been a net seller of euros over the past few weeks.   That is something of a …

May 29, 2008

Monetary Policy
What cann’t go on still hasn’t slowed, let alone stopped (Chinese reserve growth)

This is Brad Setser once again. Thanks to Rachel Ziemba for filling in while I was away. A couple of regular readers have reported some difficulty posting comments at the cfr.org blog. My apolog…

June 3, 2008

Monetary Policy
Scary. But just how scary? Chinese foreign asset growth and hot money flows

The foreign assets of China’s government are clearly growing very fast. The $75 billion increase in April’s reserves -- more like $82 billion after adjusting for the fall in the value of China’s e…