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Jan 8, 2018

U.S. Foreign Policy
The Road Not Taken

In chronicling the adventurous life of legendary CIA operative Edward Lansdale, The Road Not Taken definitively reframes our understanding of the Vietnam War.

Nov 3, 2015

Immigration and Migration
Interview with Jim Zirin - LAM Interview with Jim Zirin

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Jim Zirin on "Conversations in the Digital Age" to discuss U.S. immigration and the U.S.-Mexico relationship. Recently aired, you can watch the interview here.

Feb 5, 2015

United States
Interview With Charlie Rose

Last month, I had the pleasure of joining Charlie Rose on his show along with Jorge Castañeda, Mexico’s former foreign minister, and Francisco Goldman, contributor to The New Yorker, to discuss Mexic…

Apr 19, 2012

A border patrol vehicle observes six miles of border fencing in Douglas, Arizona, February 15, 2012. (Curt Prendergast / Courtesy Reuters) Interview: Parsing U.S. Immigration Reform

The Supreme Court is preparing to hear arguments on Arizona's controversial immigration law, which will have a significant impact on the national debate. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has been …

Oct 14, 2016

United States
interview-with-jim-zirin-whats-going-on-in-latin-america-lam Interview With Jim Zirin: Current Events in Latin America

Last month, I had the pleasure of joining Jim Zirin on “Conversations in the Digital Age” to discuss the U.S.-Mexico relationship, the presidential impeachment in Brazil, Colombia’s peace deal, Argen…

Mar 13, 2013

A view of the House of Representatives Building and the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol (Ron Cogswell/Courtesy Flickr). The Renewing America Interview: Robert Reischauer on Fiscal Reform

This week, for the first time in more than ninety years, both houses of Congress put out their annual budget proposals before the White House, an anomaly that reflects the topsy-turvy world of fiscal…

Jun 12, 2012

Corporate Governance
Job seekers prepare for career fair to open at Rutgers University (Mike Segar/Courtesy Reuters). Interview: Pressures Mount for the U.S. Economy

The dragging U.S. economic recovery was dealt another blow after jobs data for May, released June 1, showed an increase in the unemployment rate to 8.2 percent (CBS). The U.S. economy is simultaneous…

Feb 16, 2017

Digital Policy
ICANN 53 Net Politics Cyber What’s Next for ICANN in the Absence of U.S. Oversight? An Interview With Kal Raustiala

The United States relinquished its stewardship role over the internet last year, to the celebration of some and the consternation of others. Kal Raustiala, author of "An Internet Whole and Free" in t…

Nov 7, 2007

Immigration and Migration
CFR interview on Mexico's Merida Initiative

Here is a recent interview I conducted with Bernard Gwertzman at the Council on Foreign Relations: Interview November 6, 2007

Sep 12, 2013

Corporate Governance
Bill Bradley The Renewing America Interview: Bill Bradley on Leadership and U.S. Tax Reform

Months of relative calm on the U.S. fiscal front are set to end this month as Congress returns from summer recess, staring down the barrel of a possible government shutdown on October 1 (start of FY …