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Background and Analysis

Analysis Brief

Analytical briefs written by’s staff on issues of the day with links to the news, analysis, commentary, and primary source materials that put the facts in context. 


Academic articles by CFR fellows and experts.


Current political and economic issues succinctly explained.


CFR fellows and the CFR website editorial staff provide up-to-date commentary and analysis on our blogs.

Daily News Brief

A digest of global news and analysis compiled and distributed by's editors each weekday morning.

Expert Briefs

CFR scholars provide expert analysis and commentary on international issues.

Expert Roundup

CFR fellows and outside experts weigh in to provide a variety of perspectives on a foreign policy topic in the news.

First Take

Concise, timely analysis by CFR fellows and experts on breaking news with major U.S. foreign policy implications.


To help readers better understand the nuances of foreign policy, CFR staff writers and Consulting Editor Bernard Gwertzman conduct in-depth interviews with a wide range of international experts, as well as newsmakers.


Published opinions and arguments by CFR fellows and experts.


Speeches by CFR fellows and experts on leading global issues and their foreign policy implications.


Testimony by CFR fellows and experts before Congress.



Analytical audio downloads on vital foreign policy and national security topics several times a week. Provided in Q&As form and through interviews with CFR Fellows and other experts explaining their most recent work and the issues of the day.


Interactive explainers on the foreign policy, national security, and international financial issues of the day.


Video segments with CFR fellows and other experts on vital foreign policy and national security topics.

Books and Reports

The full text of most CFR reports can be downloaded from Excerpts of CFR Books are also available. More information is available on the web page of each individual publication.


Foreign policy analyses written by CFR fellows and published by the trade presses, academic presses, or the Council on Foreign Relations Press.

Contingency Planning Memoranda

Contingency Planning Memoranda identify plausible scenarios that could have serious consequences for U.S. interests and propose measures to both prevent and mitigate them.

Council Special Reports

Concise policy briefs that provide timely responses to developing crises or contributions to current policy dilemmas.

Other Reports

Various reports from CFR and coproduced with other organizations, posted at the discretion of CFR's president and director of studies.

Task Force Reports

Analysis and policy prescriptions of major foreign policy issues facing the United States, developed through private deliberations among a diverse and distinguished group of experts.

CFR Events

Event Audio

Sound recordings of on-the-record CFR meetings that can be downloaded to a personal audio device. CFR began offering audio files of on-the-record meetings in 2005.

Event Video

Watch live streams of on-the-record CFR meetings, or view past events. CFR began offering videos of on-the-record meetings in 2003.

Event Transcripts

Verbatim transcripts of on-the-record CFR meetings. Roughly half the meetings held at CFR since 2000 are on the record, and the vast majority of these are transcribed and posted on (Before 2000, most CFR meetings were on a not-for-attribution basis.)

Additional Resources

Must Reads

A sortable index of the best online analyses and inquiries on foreign policy.

News Releases

Official announcements on newly-released content and events from Foreign Affairs and CFR.

Primary Sources

Vital primary sources underpinning the foreign policy debate.

Research Links

Access to the best the Internet has to offer on foreign policy and international relations.

World Events Calendar

CFR’s selection of significant events and anniversaries taking place around the world.