Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development is a major research area of CFR's Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy initiative. The business environment necessary for entrepreneurship to flourish is closely related to the political environment needed for stable democracy. Problems such as capricious state authority, corruption, and poor education hinder both private enterprise and democratic governance. Entrepreneurship itself can also serve as a potent antidote to excessive state authority. However, the correlation between economic and political freedom is far from exact. The Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy initiative aims to understand how best to promote entrepreneurship and its connection to broader economic growth and democracy. One priority is women’s roles as entrepreneurs and contributions to economic development, especially in post-conflict settings.

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How to Rebuild Haiti after the Quake

How to Rebuild Haiti after the Quake

Authors: Brian Concannon, Jr., Beat Rohr, Robert Maguire, and Paul Farmer

Can Haiti rebuild better, with improved stability and prosperity? Four top experts stress different approaches to enable Haitians to rebuild and sustain their economy and public sector.

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A New Global Player

Author: Julia E. Sweig

Brazil's rapid economic growth has transformed the country into a new global heavyweight, but Brazil must not let an overly ambitious foreign policy agenda distract it from lingering domestic challenges.

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Evaluating Progress on the UN Millennium Development Goals

Speakers: T. Charles Cooper, Robert C. Orr, and Samuel A. Worthington
Presider: Gail D. Fosler

Experts discuss the role of the UN Millennium Development Goals as a framework for new government development policy, the importance of increasing aid funding transparency with developing nations, and the impact of the financial crisis on the developing world.

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