Since 2007, the website has won more than twenty-five awards or citations from top organizations judging digital design or journalism.

They started with Online News Association award in 2007 in the special journalism category for overall excellence and first prize in the 2007 Knight Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism for Crisis Guides.

The following awards for CFR long-form interactives are especially notable, winning in competition with the country’s leading media organizations:


Emmy Awards


Crisis Guide: Darfur

The second of’s groundbreaking crisis guide series, “Darfur,” examined the tragedy of this Sudanese region, accounts of genocide, and the international response with gripping imagery, video narrative, and interactive features.


Crisis Guide: World Economic Crisis

Produced in the wake of the worst financial crisis in decades, this guide explored how this crisis came about with audio, video, imagery, and text drawing on the insights of leading thinkers.


Crisis Guide: Iran

This guide offered a sweeping, comprehensive look at the dilemmas posed by modern-day Iran. It used interactive timelines, maps, graphs, and video interviews with more than twenty-five leading experts to trace Iran’s history, examine its oil-driven economy, and survey its nuclear program.


InfoGuide: Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon’s most immersive online project to date, this InfoGuide provides a compelling look at the causes and consequences of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, with innovative approaches such as an animated primer on deforestation’s impact on climate. Available online in English and Portuguese.

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Overseas Press Club Awards


Crisis Guide: Pakistan

This interactive, also nominated for an Emmy, examined Pakistan’s numerous challenges including a rising number of terror groups, a growing nuclear arsenal that could become vulnerable to them, and the ongoing rivalry with India. In its commendation, the Overseas Press Club said the guide stood out for its “flawless graphics and videos, clear organization of content, and features of social-network sharing.”


Crisis Guide: Iran

The OPC judging panel said the Iran guide “stood out in this category for its superb use of multimedia in a timely and in-depth study of Iran’s politics, economy and nuclear program.” The judges added: “The clear, intuitive navigation of 'Crisis Guide' allows users to control their own agendas about where and what to read, rendering this an excellent resource for both serious scholars and serious readers.”


Society of Professional Journalists Award


InfoGuide: Child Marriage

This multimedia feature earned the Society of Professional Journalists award in the category of “Specialized Journalism Site.” Featuring striking imagery and video storytelling, this guide examines the disturbing prevalence of child marriage in developing countries, its roots in cultural tradition and poverty, and the threat it poses to stability and economic development.

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