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December 8, 2022


Dear Educators,

Inflation and high energy prices are constantly in the news and directly affect students and their families, especially around the holiday season. But how do we explain why this is happening? Globalization is a good place to start.  

While there are differing views on whether globalization has positive or negative effects on our world, there is no question that it exists and affects us all. Give your students the background and resources they need to form their own opinion. Whether you want to teach about the most prominent international governmental organizations or the effects of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, we have you covered. 

Globalization video still
Watch "What Is Globalization" on YouTube

High School

Start off with something students can connect to, like the journey their most used medicine takes to get to their pharmacy or what the “made in America sticker” on their favorite sneaker actually means. 
Once students understand how global issues become local, it’ll be easier to explain how globalization affects what they eat for brunch, what they watch in theaters, and how they communicate with friends.

After unpacking the basics of trade agreements try out the Trade Policy mini simulation with your class. 

New! High School Globalization Teaching Resources 

The CFR Education team is always looking to help teachers save time so we've created new teaching resources to use with your students.

Higher Education

What course of action should the United States take when its largest trading partner is expected to enter an economic downturn?

Explore the interconnectedness of the global financial system with Model Diplomacy’s Economic Crisis in Europe simulation. Acting as members of the National Security Council, students will grapple with the challenges in the Eurozone as the rise of radical political parties adds more uncertainty to the possibility of partnerships.   

Learn from a CFR Fellow 

Challenge conventional wisdom around globalization by having your class read CFR Fellow Shannon K. O’Neil’s newest book, The Globalization Myth, or watch the recorded book launch series hosted by President Richard Haas.  

Upcoming Events

Join teachers from around the country in Model Diplomacy LIVE!

Are you interested in participating in a Model Diplomacy virtual simulation? Register to join us at a Model Diplomacy LIVE session to role-play as National Security Council members with your colleagues, experience how Model Diplomacy can be a fit for your social studies classroom, and have a little fun! 

January 18 - 7pm-8:30pm (EST) - Russia and NATO in the Baltics
Help your students understand the news by debating how the United States should defend a fellow member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the face of Russian aggression. 


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The CFR Education Team