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January 1, 2011

A U.S.-Japan Conversation on the Rise of China and India: Structural Shifts and Policy Consequences

The Japan studies program held its second workshop in Tokyo on February 5 for its project "China and India as Emerging Powers: Challenge or Opportunity for the United States and Japan?" This project examines the rise of China and India in global affairs and studies the economic, security, and environmental implications of global governance with a particular focus on the implications for the United States and for Japanese policymaking.

The Tokyo workshop was hosted by the Center for Contemporary China Studies at Keio University. In addition to a special appearance by former prime minister Yasuo Fukuda, the meeting was attended by experts in academia, media, and the private sector, as well as Japanese government policymakers. CFR members and international affairs fellows in Japan also attended.

The agenda included discussions on U.S. and Japanese perspectives on the rise of China and India, as well as on the economic and regional security effects of the new emerging powers.

This project is made possible by a generous grant from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

Roundtable Series on Japan in Northeast Asia: Rethinking Japan's China Strategy

Hitoshi Tanaka, chairman of the Institute for International Strategy at the Japan Research Institute and former deputy minister for foreign affairs, discussed on January 31 his perspective on mending Japan-China relations and shared his insights on how to keep the United States engaged in Asia.

Mr. Tanaka argued for the need to reinvigorate confidence building measures between Japan and China (e.g., resumption of tourism, ministerial dialogues, and military exchanges between the PLA and the Japan Self-Defense Forces). He also called for Japan and the United States to redefine their alliance to ensure it remains robust, dynamic, and reflects the ongoing changes in the region.

Roundtable Series on Japan in Northeast Asia: The Rise of China and Japan's Strategic Adjustment

On January 26, Masafumi Ishii, ambassador for policy planning and international security policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shared his ideas for developing Japan's long-term strategic planning goals.

Ambassador Ishii believes a stronger U.S.-Japan alliance should be the foundation for Japan's foreign policy goals and argued that Japan should play a greater role in consensus building among regional partners.

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