Interactive Guide to Economic Crisis Wins Emmy; Second for CFR

December 8, 2009

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The Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) innovative "Crisis Guide: The Global Economy" received an Emmy award in the "New Approaches to Business and Financial Reporting" category at a ceremony in New York on December 7. CFR was recognized among a competitive pool of the top media organizations in the world.

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"We are honored that the Crisis Guides have been recognized for a second time by our peers in the professional media world," said David Kellogg, CFR senior vice president and publisher. "The Crisis Guide series uses the power of interactive media to deliver to a diverse, global audience the analysis and context that is the hallmark of CFR."

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Economic Crises

Using a comprehensive array of audio, video, imagery, and text, the guide addresses the causes and consequences of the global crisis with rigorous economic and geopolitical analysis. Drawing on insights from leading thinkers, it also seeks to shed light on the policy implications of the crisis, and courses of action that could be taken to ameliorate it. CFR’s Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies (CGS) contributed heavily to this guide. CGS has been providing timely and relevant programming and material to members, media, and the public on the crisis and recovery.

Crisis Guides, CFR’s interactive, award-winning franchise, seek to bring context and historical perspective to the world’s most complex issues. Produced with MediaStorm, the series also includes guides on:

-          Climate Change

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-          The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

-          The Korean Peninsula

More on:

Economic Crises

-          Darfur

"Crisis Guide: The Global Economy" is available at

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