Term Member Virtual Meeting: The Future of the United States in the Pacific -- Part Two

Monday, November 28, 2022

Assistant Division Commander, 3rd Marine Division (Okinawa, Japan), United States Marine Corps; Former Marine Corps Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; CFR Member

Kaitlin E. Kleiber

Defense Policy Advisor, U.S. Senate; CFR Term Member

International Affairs Fellow in Japan, Council on Foreign Relations; Visiting Research Fellow, Japan Institute of International Affairs; CFR Term Member

With broad bipartisan support in Congress, the Biden Administration has made U.S. engagement in the Pacific a clear priority for American foreign policy, emphasizing the region's critical importance to some of the most pressing challenges of the twenty-first century, including competition with China and combating climate change. Please join our speakers for part two of a conversation about U.S. strategic interests in the Pacific, what the U.S. is currently doing, and what the U.S. should be doing to further productive engagement in the region. You may view part one of this series here: The Future of the U.S. in the Pacific


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