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Do-Nothing Congress Is Your Fault

Peter R. Orszag writes that increasingly extreme differences in Americans' political views may be driving the polarization of the U.S....


Born in 1988? Sorry.

Peter R. Orszag writes that being born 20 years before a time of high unemployment can keep your earnings relatively low—and erode your...

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Doubts About Capital Controls

Doubts About Capital Controls

China's policy of holding down the value of its currency and monetary easing in the United States have led to large capital inflows into...

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International Finance, Winter 2013

Does High Government Debt Reduce the Supply of Bank Credit?

IF Title Pic In the most recent issue of International Finance, edited by CFR's Benn Steil, Bank of Italy economists Riccardo De Bonis and Massimiliano Stacchini examine 43 countries over 40 years to determine whether high government debt leads to lower bank lending.

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