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Why Fluctuating Oil Prices Are Here To Stay

While oil prices over the last three years were the smoothest in decades, volatility is back and here to stay argue Michael Levi and Robert McNally. Levi and McNally explain how price fluctuations, rather than high prices, endanger global economic growth.


The Key to U.S. Sanctions Happiness? A Short National Memory

Economic sanctions have become central to confronting security crises from Russia to Iran in recent years. Jennifer Harris explains how sanctions became so popular and argues that itís time to rethink the role of economics in warfare.

What Falling Oil Prices Mean

Politico Magazine
As oil prices continue to drop, Michael Levi argues that the benefit to American consumers will outweigh any damage to the U.S. economy. However, how you view this plunge in oil prices "depends a lot on where you live and what work you do."

Private Companies Are Driving China's Growth

Bloomberg View
Peter R. Orszag argues that the common U.S. conception of state capitalism in China is dated and wrong, which creates dangerous complacency among policymakers about the risks of a Chinese economic slowdown.

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International Finance,
Summer 2014

Drivers of Systemic Banking Crises: The Role of Financial Account Structure and Financial Integration

IF Title Pic In the most recent issue of International Finance, edited by CFR's Benn Steil, OECD economists Rudiger Ahrend and Antoine Goujard demonstrate how short-term bank debt propagates financial crises across borders.