Gabrielle Sierra

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Gabrielle Sierra

Director, Podcasting

Gabrielle Sierra began her career as an arts and culture journalist, reporting for publications including Billboard, Gothamist, and InStyle. Prior to her arrival at CFR, she held an editor position at Facebook.As director of podcasting, Sierra oversees all CFR podcasts, supervising the team that edits and produces The Foreign Affairs Interview, The World Next Week, and The Presidents Inbox.

Sierra also hosts the biweekly Why It Matters podcast. She is a 2020 International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) Fellow and a cochair of CFR’s Employee Resource Group on Diversity of Underrepresented Groups in the Workplace.

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United States

Now that Congress voted to pass a bill based on the Biden-McCarthy compromise, an immediate debt ceiling crisis appears to have been averted. Still, a much larger debt problem awaits.  

Supply Chains

Feeding the world's eight billion people has never been easy. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked the market for fertilizer, that task has gotten even harder. The fertilizer crisis threatens to exacerbate food insecurity worldwide, especially in low-income countries already reeling from record-high inflation and rapidly depreciating currencies. What is fertilizer’s role in the food supply chain?

Middle East and North Africa

Turkey’s geography and membership in NATO have long given the country an influential voice in foreign policy, but the assertive policies of President Erdogan have complicated its role.