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Gabrielle Sierra

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Gabrielle Sierra is an arts and culture journalist with more than a decade of experience reporting in New York City. Her work has appeared in publications including Billboard, Curbed, Gothamist, InStyle, and Paste. She first joined the Council as events editor for, and has since become senior podcast producer and host of Why It Matters. Prior to her work at CFR, she held a curator and editor position at Facebook.

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Ukraine has rejected recent calls by the West for it to settle its war with Russia. Ukrainian leaders believe they have a chance to reclaim territory lost in the early fighting—and that they can do so before serious negotiations begin.


In moving away from strategic ambiguity, Biden made a long overdue adjustment to U.S. policy.

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Presidents Biden and Yoon pledged to deepen and broaden the scope of the U.S.-South Korea alliance, but their success could depend on how China, Japan, and North Korea respond.