Reimagining American Economic Leadership

Introducing RealEcon

A CFR initiative to assess the role of the United States in the international economy, analyze what is at stake for the American people, and identify the trade-offs in different policy approaches.

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Introducing RealEcon

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A regular series on the choices faced by international economic policymakers

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Global Trade Leadership

Under Biden and Trump, the U.S. has broken from its long-standing free trade policy. CFR trade experts assess whether the rules-based trading system is worth saving.

A logo is seen at the World Trade Organization (WTO) headquarters before a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, October 5, 2022.

Article by Inu ManakEdward Alden, and Jennifer Hillman

Policymaking Is All About Trade-Offs

Article by Matthew P. Goodman

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First Stop Florida: RealEcon Asks Americans About U.S. Economic Leadership

Building a durable consensus for U.S. economic leadership requires listening to what Americans think. The first stop in the RealEcon team's listening tour was Florida.

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  • How Big a Climate Threat Are Atmospheric Rivers?

    Atmospheric rivers are gaining in intensity across California and the western United States. Communities need to adapt to the havoc wrought by this weather phenomenon

    Flooded highway
  • China's Record Manufacturing Surplus

    The U.S. likes talking about the dominance of the dollar. But don’t short-change China’s current dominance of manufacturing trade. Trade imbalances need to be taken seriously again.

    manufactured goods graph
  • The Indian Giant Has Arrived

    With India's development continuing to gain steam, one of the biggest challenges will be to avoid the mistake that others have made when they failed to recognize their newly acquired global systemic influence and adapt accordingly. Both China and Big Tech show that it is never too early to start managing one's own rise

    The Indian Giant Has Arrived
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