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Alice Hill is the David M. Rubenstein senior fellow for energy and the environment at the Council on Foreign Relations. Her work at CFR focuses on the risks, consequences, and responses associated with climate change. Hill previously served as special assistant to President Barack Obama and senior director for resilience policy on the National Security Council staff where she led the development of national policy to build resilience to catastrophic risks, including climate change and biological threats. Her coauthored book, Building a Resilient Tomorrow, was published in 2019. In 2020, Yale University and the Op-Ed Project awarded her the Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis. Hill’s new book, The Fight For Climate After COVID-19, will be published in fall 2021.

In 2009, Hill served as Senior Counselor to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in which she led the formulation of DHS's first-ever climate adaptation plan and the development of strategic plans regarding catastrophic biological and chemical threats, including pandemics. While at the Department of Homeland Security, Hill founded and led the internationally recognized anti-human trafficking initiative, the Blue Campaign. Hill served as a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution from 2016 to 2019, during which time she was awarded the National Institute of Building Sciences’ President’s Award and the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center Writing Fellowship. In 2016, Harvard University’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative also named her Meta-Leader of the Year. Earlier in her career, Hill served as supervising judge on both the superior and municipal courts in Los Angeles and as chief of the white-collar crime prosecution unit in the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney’s office. The Department of Justice awarded her its highest accolade, the John Marshall Award for Outstanding Legal Achievement. 

Hill serves on the boards of Munich Re North America and related U.S. subsidiaries of the Munich Re Group as well as the board of the Environmental Defense Fund. She is a founding member of the board of the Council on Strategic Risks. Hill is a member of the International Military Council on Climate and Security. She also serves on the advisory boards or councils of Crisis Response, the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, the Center for Climate and Security, One Concern, and the International Military Council on Climate and Security. Hill previously served ex officio on the federal advisory committee for the Third National Climate Assessment.

Hill earned her bachelor’s degree in history and economics with distinction from Stanford University and her law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Her writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Axios, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, CNN, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and Lawfare, among others. All of her publications since she left the White House in 2016 can be found on her website: alicehillresilience.com.


  • California Insurance Commission, California insurance working group, chair
  • Center for Climate and Security, advisory board member
  • Council on Strategic Risks, board member
  • Crisis Response Journal, editorial advisory board member
  • Environmental Defense Fund, board member
  • Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, advisory council member
  • Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change, advisory council member
  • Munich Re America and related U.S. subsidiaries of the Munich Re Group, board member
  • Science to Climate Action Network, advisory group member
  • One Concern and 25MP, advisory board member

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