Chart Books

Chart books provide a graphical examination of topics of geoeconomic interest.

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Assets ( HTML ι PDF )

Updated 1/2015

This chart book shows the growth in foreign ownership of U.S. assets over time.

Trends in U.S. Military Spending ( HTML ι PDF )

Updated 7/2014

This chart book shows trends in U.S. military spending over time.

Economic Recovery ( HTML ι PDF )

Updated 8/2013

This chart book compares the current recovery to previous post-war rebounds.

Economic Downturn ( HTML ι PDF )

Updated 5/2012

This chart book compares key economic indicators from the latest recession to past downturns, both post-war and pre-war.

Foreign Exchange Reserves in the BRICs ( HTML ι PDF )

Updated 11/2011

This chart book shows the accumulation of foreign-currency reserves in the BRIC countries.