The Need for New Cyber Thinking: A Conversation with Beau Woods

The Need for New Cyber Thinking: A Conversation with Beau Woods

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I spoke with the brilliant Beau Woods, security researcher, deputy director of the cyber statecraft initiative at the Atlantic Council, and founder of Stratigos Security. Woods is also the co-founder of the I Am the Calvary initiative, which was inspired by the realization that, as our dependence on technology grows, efforts to protect ourselves lag. We talk about how Woods is working to overcome the gap not just between policymakers and technical experts, but also among professionals with different backgrounds who work on cyber policy—those in the business world, in legal professions, and in the military, for example.

We also discuss the opportunities and vulnerabilities inherent in the internet of things, the challenges of disclosing cyber vulnerabilities, and whether current deterrence models apply to cyber attacks. Woods shares his thoughts on the state of the information security field today, and offers his advice for the next generation. Listen to my conversation with one of the most thoughtful people working on cyber policy, and follow Woods @beauwoods.

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Micah Zenko

Senior Fellow