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Promoting global affairs education has been an element of the Council on Foreign Relations' mission since its inception. CFR is dedicated to promoting a higher level of literacy in international affairs and the fundamental skills required to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

To this end, in 2016 CFR and the National Geographic Society commissioned the Global Literacy Survey, which revealed that few U.S. college-educated students possess important knowledge about the world and the United States’ role in it. However, a majority of respondents indicated that being knowledgeable about geography, world history, foreign cultures, and world events is becoming more important than ever. CFR is meeting this demand by connecting educators and students of all ages to CFR's analysis and award-winning publications, innovative digital learning products, and acclaimed in-person and virtual events for teaching and learning about international affairs. 


The Council on Foreign Relations is deeply grateful to Carnegie Corporation of New York, Katherine A. Couric, Steven A. Denning, Joel S. Ehrenkranz, Leonard A. Lauder, Lumina Foundation for Education, Richard Ravitch, David M. Rubenstein, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The generous contributions from these members and foundations have enabled CFR to launch and grow its education initiative. Together we are committed to building greater global literacy among Americans so the next generation can better understand foreign policy priorities and the global context in which they operate as citizens and professionals.

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CFR partners with educational institutions and research centers to foster a deeper understanding of international relations and an enduring interest in U.S. foreign policy.


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