The David Rockefeller Studies Program—CFR's think tank—analyzes pressing global challenges and offers actionable steps that policymakers and citizens can take to address them. The more than seventy full-time and adjunct fellows in Studies cover all the world’s major regions and significant foreign policy issues. In addition to producing books, articles, op-eds, blogs, podcasts, and interactives, the Studies Program administers eleven fellowship programs. 


First two research fellowships established at CFR 

In Focus: Cybersecurity Threats


CFR's Ira A. Lipman Chair in Emerging Technologies and National Security and Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program Adam Segal joins Anup Ghosh, Kiersten E. Todt, and Dina Temple-Raston to discuss the current threats and vulnerabilities in U.S. cybersecurity and the level of U.S. preparedness in responding to the next cyberattack. 

The mission is to be a resource and a source of ideas, and to provide analysis and background to help people understand the world. — Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

The Future of World Order

Trump and World Order

Stewart Patrick assesses the warning signs of an eroding world order. 

The Rise of Ethnonationalism

A discussion on the future of liberal democracy at the Religion and Foreign Policy Workshop in May 2017.

CoC Sixth Annual Conference

The Council of Councils assesses the future of international cooperation in light of the past year’s events, most notably the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald J. Trump. 

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