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Alice C. Hill
Alice C. Hill

David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment

Jennifer Hillman
Jennifer Hillman

Senior Fellow for Trade and International Political Economy

  • Food and Water Security
    Water Scarcity
    Fresh water is more than just a resource, it is the source of all life. But in many arid regions of the world, water supplies are under pressure from climate change, and outdated rules and infrastructure are making the problem worse. What does the world need to know about water consumption, and how can societies build better systems for a dryer future?
  • Energy and Environment
    How Green-Party Success Is Reshaping Global Politics
    Once a fringe movement, green parties are increasingly shaping the debate in countries around the world. How influential are they, and what comes next?
  • Elections and Voting
    Virtual Roundtable: The Rise of Political Partisanship
    The first session of the Threats to American Democracy Roundtable series focuses on the rise of political partisanship. The founders considered factions a grave threat to the new republic. We are now living their nightmare, politics as existential blood sport. Why and how did divisiveness and demagoguery triumph?  In this session, two of the world’s leading authorities on the subject discuss how America got here.  The Threats to American Democracy Roundtable Series explores various threats to American democracy.