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CFR Local Journalists Workshop, April 7, 2022: CFR President Richard Haass and Ayman Mohyeldin discuss the international issues facing the United States, their implications for local communities, and the challenge to journalists in making the link between them.


CFR’s Local Journalists initiative equips journalists with the resources needed to draw connections between global dynamics and the local issues they cover in order to elevate conversations on U.S. foreign policy choices and increase civic engagement. Through a webinar series, an annual workshop tailored to the needs of local journalists, and year-round foreign policy expertise and analysis, participants gain access to the vast resources CFR has to offer and a professional network of peers and sources. For more information on how to participate, please email [email protected].

CFR Featured Content

Conflict Prevention

For CFR’s annual Preventive Priorities Survey, U.S. foreign policy experts assessed the likelihood and impact of thirty potential conflicts that could emerge or escalate in 2023.

United States

Temporary protected status has long been used as a humanitarian solution for migrants who are unable to return home safely, but efforts to give them a path to citizenship have reignited the debate around the U.S. immigration policy.  


Trade between the world’s two biggest economies has ballooned in recent decades, bringing significant benefits but also frictions over China’s state-led development and calls to rethink the relationship.

Local Journalists Workshop

The 2022 Local Journalists Workshop is part of CFR's Local Journalists initiative, the goal of which is to help print and broadcast journalists at local outlets across the country link the local issues they cover to national and international trends and events. This year we brought together print, digital, and broadcast journalists from thirty-one states and Washington, DC at CFR headquarters in New York City to share best practices and discuss clean energy, immigration, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and public health with CFR fellows and other experts.

We Want to Hear From You

Following the success of the inaugural Local Journalists Workshop, CFR is working to develop more opportunities for local journalists to interact with CFR. We welcome input, feedback, and suggestions from journalists around the country. Please email [email protected] with your ideas or to indicate your interest in attending future workshops and events.

Resources From CFR

Media Call Series

Led by CFR experts and scholars, this invitation-only conference call series gives journalists the opportunity to benefit from analysis of breaking international news, such as tensions with Iran, the G20 Summit, Brexit negotiations, and more. Please click here and scroll to Press List Sign-Up to receive media call invitations:

CFR Experts

CFR’s David Rockefeller Studies Program is home to more than seventy full-time, adjunct, and visiting scholars and practitioners. Their expertise covers the world’s major regions as well as the critical issues shaping today’s global agenda. Visit more information, and email [email protected] with interview requests.


CFR Task Force Reportsbooks, and other special publications offer analysis on major topical and regional issues facing state and local governments. CFR can provide materials free of charge at the request of officials and their staff.

CFR’s award-winning website provides daily analysis of current events by CFR fellows and the editorial team, interviews with experts, in-depth Explainers, and Emmy Award-winning multimedia interactives, as well as podcasts and downloadable video and audio files of CFR on-the-record meetings.

Foreign Affairs

America’s most influential publication on international affairs offers accessible in-depth analysis of current issues. CFR offers a discounted subscription to local journalists, which you can access through this link with the promo code CFROTR:


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For more information about CFR’s Local Journalists initiative, please contact [email protected] or 212.434.9564.